Pet Boarding in Prosper

Have you been putting off taking a trip because you’re worried about who’s going to look after your favorite furry family member?

Total Care Animal Hospital provides pet owners peace of mind by offering quality pet boarding services in Prosper, TX. We treat four-legged companions with the same love and care that you would.

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Premier Pet Boarding Facility

Our pet boarding team works under the supervision of the veterinarians on staff. We can step in if your pet starts experiencing any health problems. One of our team members will contact you immediately so you can make decisions about diagnosing and treating your pet.

Owners looking to board their dogs and cats at our Prosper, TX facility must provide have them meet the following requirements:

  • Dogs should have proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.
  • Cats should have proof of current Rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

Comfortable Accommodations

Total Care Animal Hospital boarding facilities are designed to provide a comfortable living environment for animals for the duration of their stay. Owners can rest assured that their pets will be kept clean and made happy until they get the opportunity to reunite with their favorite humans. While we can’t replace you in your pet’s heart, rest assured that they will know they are cared for during their entire stay.

Make sure you provide Total Care Animal Hospital with enough food so that your animal receives the same portions at mealtime that they would at home. Leave a valid contact number so we can reach out to you if there is a medical emergency.

If your pets require special medications, toys, or bedding, our team will make sure they have what they need to make their visit with us as enjoyable as possible. We work to provide animals with a fun, stress-free environment.

The Best Pet Boarding House in Texas!

We understand how hard it is on you and your loyal companions when you must be apart. Boarding them at Total Care Animal Hospital means always having staff on hand who will do what they can to keep you and your pet happy. Animals get a lot of exercise and playtime while they are in our care.

If you’re interested in making arrangements for your pet, call Total Care Animal Hospital at (972) 347-0900. You can also contact us for any other services your pet might need.

Please Note: Same-day appointments available!